Letter to the Editor: June 2, 2015

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for landing on love’s side in your June 2, 2015 response (“I’ve been invited to attend a gay wedding. Should I go?“) to a question about attending same-sex marriages. Your nuanced evaluation of the situation, ending in a conscience decision, is greatly appreciated.

One question is whether it is fair to characterize a vowed religious’ participation, even leadership, in such a ceremony as “defiance of Rome” and as “open rebellion”?

Such religious – sisters and priests – would understand that the hierarchy of truths mean certain teachings trump others and, if they performed such a ceremony, it would likely be because they appeal to a higher doctrine superseding the lower level teaching on what constitutes marriage (which is a not irreformable teaching of the church). These could be the higher teachings about the nature of the sacraments or social justice, as only two examples.

Doctrine and love cannot be pitted against each other and choosing between them is a false choice. In essence, they would be acting in fidelity to the Church’s traditions and to their vows to care for the People of God.

Should not their conscience rights have a place in the example you have proposed?

Should not these religious be free to choose in Christ and through fidelity to the church the path of equality for all people?

Perhaps a clarification added to the post would be helpful. Thank you for your time.




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