Letter to the Editor: Crux, May 17 2016

Consider writing your own letter to the editor of Crux about their failure to respect transgender people and fairly cover issues about gender identity. You can access their contact form: http://www.cruxnow.com/contact/ or tweet @CruxNow

Dear Editor:

I write regarding Crux’s publication of a column by Pia de Solenni titled “Beware of ‘trans movement’ as patriarchy in disguise” (May 16 2016).

I greatly appreciated Crux’s coverage a few months back of two transgender Catholics sharing their stories at LA Congress , and the general balanced coverage of LGBT Catholic issues you have offered. Sadly, today’s piece differs from those previously high standards. I disagree with the column’s content, but that is not why I write. A diversity of viewpoints should certainly be welcomed in the church and in civil society.

What I take issue with is the column’s repeated misgendering of Caitlyn Jenner, an ad hominem attack that should have never been published. It was not only the author’s misgendering either, but in the accompanying caption which I assume was composed by a Crux staffer. I am unclear why style guide Crux employs, but both AP and The New York Times suggest transgender persons be referred to by their self-identified name and pronouns. As Catholics, referring to someone by their chosen name seems to be the respectful course even if differences exist about gender and sex.

Moving forward, I would ask Crux to counterbalance this column with a column from a Catholic who supports transgender non-discrimination protections. If you would like, I’d be happy to suggest trans Catholics and allies who could furnish such a column.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this message.

Bob Shine
Coordinator, Social Media and Young Adult Outreach
New Ways Ministry


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