Catholic Mosaic Initiative

Mission Statement

“In the Church, variety, which is itself a great treasure, is always grounded in the harmony of unity, like a great mosaic in which every small piece joins with others as part of God’s one great plan. This should inspire us to work always to overcome every conflict which wounds the body of the Church. United in our differences: there is no other Catholic way to be united. This is the Catholic spirit, the Christian spirit: to be united in our differences. This is the way of Jesus!”
-Pope Francis

United through faith in Christ, who preached reconciling love and peace, we gather as young Catholics fatigued by our Church’s painful divisions and yearning to rebuild it through patient charity as a prophetic and evangelizing community for the Kingdom of God.

Guided by Jesus’ table ministry where all found welcome, we dine together to nurture relationships with those in our Church we may not normally know. We practice a faith seeking common understandings by considering anew in the light of Christ’s Truth those matters that divide Catholics. Through prayer and sincere dialogue, we enter the Church’s diversity to make God’s will intelligible for our contemporary times enlightened by Christ’s commission in history. In every moment, we respect each person’s dignity and conscience as the ministry incorporates unique perspectives and individual rhetoric into our community.

Casting aside initially any specific ends, we simply revere friendship and dialogue – this journey as companions through logos to new, shared meaning – as the fruits of this ministry. We offer this ministry as a light for Catholics universally to reconcile with one another in renewed vigor, knowing that Christ’s message of peace is the brightest light that a unified Catholicism can provide to the world.


Hungry for Dialogue is a program of monthly potluck dinners reflecting on the Catholic faith from varied perspectives, while fostering authentic interpersonal relationships. Dinner conversations will be focused upon a particular theme or topic announced beforehand. Participants are asked to begin with the January 14th meal, commit to 4 of the 5 meals this spring, and bring something to share at the dinner.

Dates: January 28; February 25; March 18; April 15

God’s Word in Our World are monthly discussions that reflect on current affairs in light of the upcoming Sunday’s readings, blending personal faith sharing with more abstract insights. All are welcome to attend as they are able and these will last 1 hour from 7-8pm. Participants are asked to notify Joe or Bob by 5pm the day of if they will be attending, so we can set up enough chairs and snacks.

Dates: January 14; February 11; March 4; April 1

Locations for all events will be emailed out and announced through our Facebook page. To stay up to date, join our mailing list by emailing your information to


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